On Practice: Talk with Graduates

Josuikai Endowment Lectures

On Practice: Talk with Graduates

“On Practice: Talk with Graduates” is an omnibus-type of lecture led by graduates of Hitotsubashi University and established through the donations of Josuikai and Hitotsubashi Daigaku Koenkai (Hitotsubashi University Booster Club). Hitotsubashi University graduates currently active on the front lines of society tap into their professional experiences to instill in students a life philosophy and sense of professionalism. Through lectures covering the current state of industry, the aim of this seminar is fostering a sense of professionalism among students and inspiring them to vigorously pursue studies in their chosen fields.
Thirteen lecturers delivered in the spring/summer and fall/winter periods focus on the direction one’s industry will take in the global market economy and describe for young people what they can expect from the industries in which they intend to work. Based on students’ future occupational choices, each lecturer talks about his or her own experiences, covering such topics as what he or she did when a student and major turning points after graduating and becoming an active member of society.


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