Roles and Organization of the Center

1. The Center’s Purpose and Role

On August 1, 2018, the former Research and Development Center for Higher Education was reduced slightly in scale and subsequently renamed the Center for General Education. Together with the Center for Global Education and Exchange (formerly the Center for Global Education), the Center for General Education is now part of the Mori Arinori Institute for Higher Education and Global Mobility.
As indicated by its new name, the role of the Center has also been condensed to specializing in the administration, improvement, and elevation of the general education provided at the university. Its previous roles of “pedagogical development to improve educational capacity and provide training and support for faculty (FD)” and “checking/evaluating and accumulating data on educational activities” have been handed over temporarily to the Mori Arinori Institute, which now serves as a higher institution. That being said, these former activities were by no means wholly unrelated to the Center. The roles of the new Center for General Education are described below:

  • Management of education common to all faculties (basic education, liberal arts education, international exchanges and education), as well as R&D and support for educational activities needed for improvement in these areas

In any case, Studies of teaching methods, training support, self-evaluations, and the like are essential daily activities for managing and improving general education. As the Mori Arinori Institute and the Center for International Educational Exchanges increasingly work together, they will strive to improve education offered by the university.

2. Organization of the Center

The Center is composed of the following two divisions:

A.General Education Curriculum Division

This division manages general education in a timely manner, researches relevant curricula (courses that can be taken regardless of academic department), and seeks improvements in these areas. The division is also responsible for formulating and evaluating goals and offering support for educational activities (below):

  1. Formulates and manages the university’s general education curriculum
  2. Researches methods for improving the university’s general education curriculum and develops educational systems
  3. Plans/manages the university’s general education approach and formulates and self-evaluates mid-term targets
  4. Engages in educational support activities for the university’s general education agenda (classroom support and learning support)

B.Global Exchange and Curriculum Division

This division maintains and administers curriculum groups (HGP (Hitotsubashi University Global Education Program) curriculum), mainly for overseas and international exchange students; it also strives to improve related activities. This division was originally under the umbrella of the Center for International Education; with this reorganization, however, it was placed in the Center for General Education. Formulation, management, and research and development of the international exchange curriculum continue to be carried out under the careful tutelage of the Center for Global Education and Exchange. For more information, click here.