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Josui Seminar

Josui Seminar (formerly the Career Seminar) is held as a part of students’ comprehensive career support and education in cooperation with Josuikai. Utilizing the traditions of the Hitotsubashi Seminar, Josui Seminar is characterized by its two-way lesson formats that center on dialogues between students and business leaders working on the front lines of industry.
Josui Seminar is limited to 5–15 students, with seminars held by business type; 8–10 seminars are held each spring/summer and fall/winter semester. Specifically, graduates active in various industries present students with the knowledge and skills as well as views on work and life that they have acquired through their own work and personal experiences. In addition to advancing a practical understanding of business that differs from that of the theoretical aspects of the classroom, as future captains of industry, students are invited to think in broad terms about social issues.

平成30年度春夏学期の募集要項(2018.03.13 更新)


平成30年度版 個別ゼミ概要(2018.03.13 更新)
春夏学期 秋冬学期
  • 不動産 (111KB)New!
  • 商社
  • 国際関係
  • 広告
  • マスコミ(放送)
  • 生命保険 (210KB)New!
  • 陸上運輸
  • 物流 ~社会的インフラとしてヤマトグループが実現する世界~
  • 総合重工業


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