1.Mission and Role of RDCHE


To support continuous improvement of education and instructional activities at the university through research and development in higher education, and assistance to teaching activities


  1. Development of education system, instructional method, and faculty training for education and instructional improvement.
  2. Accumulation of education and research data for effective and continuous assessment and evaluation of instructional activities.
  3. Research and development for Common Curriculum (General and Liberal Art Education) for the undergraduate level, and assistance to instructional activities.

2.Organization and Major Activities of RDCHE

There are three sections responsible for: A) Development of instructional capacity, B) Assessment of education system and instruction, and C) General education common curricula. Major activities at each section are as follows:

A.Development of instructional capacity

  1. Research and development of education system and instructional methods and materials that improve university-wide instructional capacity
  2. Development of teaching skill — Development and management of the university-wide faculty development, and of workshop and other support for the improvement of teaching skill).

B.Assessment of education system and instruction

  1. Development of education/teaching evaluation method, management of teaching assessment, and analysis of assessment data
  2. Development of assessment method for education system and instructional activities, and analysis of evaluation data.
  3. Development of other assessment method including grade system, faculty assessment, entrance examination.

C.Development and management of general education common curricula

  1. Development of curriculum and education system for the undergraduate-wide common education
  2. Development and management of the common education, planning of Mid-term goals, and self-evaluation of education outcome.
  3. Instruction and learning support in the area of the common education

3.Regular Projects

There are two regular projects in RDCHE: 1) Instructional Capacity Development Project, and 2) General Education Common Curricula Development Project. Activities and members at each project are as follows:

A.Instructional Capacity Development Project

  1. Planning and implementation of Faculty Development for the improvement of educational capacity and instructional skills.
  2. Development of course evaluation method and the analysis of evaluation result.
Members of the project:
  • Shintaro Kono (School of Commerce) Project Chief
  • Fujio Mizuoka (School of Economics)
  • Nobuhiko Yoneda (School of Law)
  • Yoshiyuki Kido (School of Social Sciences)
  • Tomoko Takemura (School of Language and Society)
  • Izuo Tsutsui (RDCHE)

B.General Education Common Curricula Development Project

  1. Review of current liberal art curriculum
  2. Development of general education common curriculum
  3. Basic Research on general education and curriculum reform for the development of general education common curriculum.
Members of the project
  • Minoru Shimamoto (School of Commerce)
  • Hiroshi Sato (School of Economics)
  • Michiko Aizawa (School of Law)
  • Yasuhito Asami (School of Social Sciences)
  • Yasuo Sano (School of Language and Society)
  • Takefumi Enomoto (School of Economics)
  • Akira Shimizu (School of Law)
  • Hiromichi Yamada (School of Commerce)
  • Izuo Tsutsui (School of Commerce)
  • Yasuhiro Sakaue (School of Social Sciences)